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Inspired by riding mountains and surfing oceans, Après Coaching Sessions are a nod to the discipline and diligence necessary to master these epic environments, the freedom found in doing so, and the reward of post-excursion celebrations known as après-ski. Après Sessions, on and off the mountain, are holistic meaning an integrated whole experience.


Holistic health coaching considers the whole human system to spearhead what we find in the state of “flow” resulting in optimal performance and wellness in all realms of life.


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Unsung Heroines /// Meet Allison Gilbert

Following Molly Schiot’s Instagram account, Game Changers / @UnsungHeroines, for several years has been nothing short of inspiring and beyond informative. If you aren’t familiar, the social media account resulted in her publishing the book with the same moniker. She features the unsung heroines of sport history with focus on “founding mothers” of eras gone by. Those who paved the way – our way.

As a competitive gymnast for my entire growing years whose life is built upon a non-stop active lifestyle - snowboarding, surfing, trail running, mountain biking plus dance and yoga – and as a self-made female within business – how could I not be beyond inspired by Molly’s contributions? This year, 2018, has been phenomenal regarding the role of women here on Planet Earth. We have only just begun to shift into a massive transformation. We give thanks to those before us who were not visible nor well represented. It is our honor to continually do so moving forward. The women have spoken – Time Is Up.

Women within health, wellness and related professions, have been barely visible in the past, under-represented and under-served within an arena where they more often than not, quietly rule. This culture of putting our heads down and doing the work while authentically and simultaneously “being the change” has led to where we are today. While there is much more to be say on the ethos of such a vast array of holistic health practitioners, let’s give a little credit where credit is due.

With so little change over time, looking at this wide window of wellness, we’ve been out of f*cks (thanks again, Mark Manson) for quite a while now. As holistic health and outdoor adventure entrepreneurs, the education and inspiration from Molly’s book and social media accounts has been a beautiful daily dose of just the right medicine - oh so high in value. Thankfully, some women have come into this world with enough check marks aligned to push through visibility-wise, voice-wise and glass-ceiling-wise. While others, due to different personal and professional circumstances, are truly unsung heroines.

Lack of credit and respect happens within all professions with the recent blow up at Nike being a perfect example. We were elated to see “disruptors” at Nike making change happen. Within health and wellness professions, both traditional and “alternative”, women are in fullest force. Thnk: registered nurses, elementary and middle school teachers, medical health and service managers, social and community service managers, psychologists and therapists, mental health professionals, human resource professionals, and now the plethora of holistic health and wellness practitioners - yoga teachers, health coaches, life coaches, massage therapists, acupuncturists, structural integration therapists, rolfers, reiki therapists, meditation teachers – too many to list - most of whom cannot bill health insurance companies.

But boy have we “wellpreneurs” been motivated to come alive, to stand our ground, to use our voices, to be heard, valued, receive credit, and hey the paychecks, too.

Within this little series in this tiny little corner of the World Wide Web, we are regular peeps who chose to create lives worth living, to challenge the status quo, learn from hard lessons along the way, and pivot on a dime when necessary. This does not include: famous parents, fantastically progressive upbringings, extra special IQ's, husbands or boyfriends paying our way, trust funds, investors, conventional business nor big business support or sell-outs to back the next biz, outstanding luck, nor a common theme of zero to not much emotional support from the generation who raised us (no discredit there). Solely the great love of what we do and the authenticity, grit, drive, and determination not to settle, regardless of the cards dealt and/or taken on our own accord.

Here’s to unsung heroines and heroes alike. The longtime much needed integration of the masculine and feminine within each of us as individuals and as a society is finally upon us. And we all need one another now. We need YOU now.

Meet Unsung Heroine, Allison Gilbert

While surrounded by women “wellpreneurs”, Allison truly inspired this series. She left Los Angeles to spend time in a small ski-town in Nowhere, Wyoming in the mid 90’s, escaping the concrete jungle and trusting her gut which was begging for adventure. Born and raised in Venice, CA, she never dreamed Venice would blossom into what it has today, for better or worse, and had zero desire at the time to dip back into the city of lost angels where botox and luxury automobiles reign.

After several years whooping it up snowboarding, mountain biking, bartending and working at the local record shop, she gracefully navigated the loss of her only sister, leaving the mountains to pursue her Ph.D. in Public Health. Along the way, she continued to ride bikes, rocked out in a band, created a family, and as always found ways within even a more traditional lifestyle to live a life less travelled.

Now, as a single mother of two young ones, she works as a researcher at a prestigious university and is currently pursuing her newfound love of running. Her social media post this spring saying: "I hired the most expensive babysitter ever this weekend just so I could tag a 12-mile trail run. Best decision ever." was rousing and infectious.

Her work falls into the category of ‘no rest for the weary’. Allison does public health research, aiming to help people who are mentally ill or suffering from addiction get connected to treatment in the community, and out of our jails and prisons. She busts ass to get new grants for her group’s research in an era of slim funding for helping society’s most vulnerable members, and publishes her work in top scientific journals. She’s fighting a worthy fight to help people who are otherwise disdained, ignored, or discarded.

In the aforementioned “Out of F*cks” article on Medium, I mention that I literally bow down to the single moms of the world. Having so many of these true heroines as coaching clients (95% of my clients have been women), I've always been amazed at their ability to once again take matters into their own hands to navigate their overall health and wellbeing – mind, body and soul. We all know within wellness that you cannot properly support those around you without first supporting your own holistic health.

Allison claims she would have paid 10x what she did that day to embrace the great outdoors and breathe deep within this one type of moving meditation, trail running, which can bring priceless peace of mind to one’s day. Holistic health hint: move your body, in some way, every day.

Allison’s first goal of many for 2018 was her first ½ marathon, where she placed 3rd in her age bracket out of thousands of entries. Chalk one up for creating a challenge > sticking to it > experiencing progression > finding fulfillment > feeling freakin’ great. This is the epitome of holistic health within one realm, movement, which eventually ripples into all realms.

This does not mean you must enter a competition. This does not mean Allison’s or anyone’s life for that matter is totally figured out. This is simply one of the foundations of holistic health, utilizing tools and techniques to do away with distraction and place focus on what really matters. From here, we then navigate toward, instead of away from the tough stuff that comes up. This is the trail unsung heroines run daily.

It is with great hope we wellness warriors come together, co-create, co-operate, and learn to use our voices together for the future generations of girls, and boys, whose eyes are upon us. Look out world, 2018 has been a big year and the unsung heroines are now also becoming game changers ⚡

Without stepping on Molly's toes, if you know an inspiring human who is a modern day wellpreneur, athlete, adventurer, traveler, self-made, single person, mom, (ok - or dad) - or whatever you get the jist! - who is getting outside, straight up being rad, and staying as stoked as humanly possible as an unsung heroine in the process, please submit to hello@aprescoaching.com with Modern Day Unsung Heroine in the subject line.

Words cannot portray our gratitude to all unsung heroines past and present for keeping our fire alive.

-Founder, Joni Madere

It's Never Too Late

It’s never too late to pursue a new avenue. Conventional society says we should follow streets X, Y and Z and stay in those lanes for life. Even if we strayed from those paths at a young age, taking the proverbial road less traveled, what has been etched deep in our bones and deep in our cells, can still keep us from going from where we are to where we want to be, despite giving 110%. Shifting this stagnation out of our minds and bodies may take years, even decades, to achieve.

On the other hand, folks who followed what society deemed the “right” direction often find themselves lost later in life. Confused, frustrated, upset and feeling misled, they find themselves begging for something else, something more, something different. Decades of consciconscientiously created plans seem all for naught. The old “mid-life crisis” can truly seep in at any age. Instead of writing it off and attempting to turn away from it, we suggest tuning in.

In both scenarios, guilt, confusion and commitments can prevent us from investigating what is occurring, ultimately seeing a new path, then nailing down the pivot point. Pivoting is a scary move. Entrepreneurs must find ways to turn scenarios around on a dime, surfing each day every day. But not everyone is accustomed to that kind of upheaval or quick shift. Sometimes multiple pivots must take place before we re-navigate toward the direction that truly resonates with us. The avenue that screams from the mountain tops and echos, Hell Yeah.

If we find ourselves asking ourselves: What the hell is going on? Why am I so all over the place? Am I having a mid-life crisis? Am I on the right road? Am I taking care of myself as much as I am meeting the needs and expectations of those around me? Am I only focused on myself and actually pretty unaware of those around me? Why am I simply not stoked about my life? The opportunity to get curious about this state, investigate it, and gain understanding around it always exists

To find our way, we must first ask ourselves, "What is straight-up not working?". We then plow through the stickiness of the situation which requires strength, flexibility, great attention and the willingness to continually adapt to the current moment. Eventually, we emerge on the other side, with the opportunity to foster new-found spaciousness, allow, create new commitments, and pivot.

Drop any comparison to others. Notice when being too hard on oneself. Notice when not being hard enough on oneself. Zillions of people in their 30’s, 40's and 50’s on up have designed new experiences, new pathways, new businesses, new lifestyles, new communities and essentially lives they consider worth living. The choice is ours. What steps can you take to find your fresh version of freedom today?

It’s never too late. We truly have the freedom to change our minds at any time. If any of this resonates with you, our team is here to offer ways, both minimally and maximally exploratory, to tap into your potential, clear what stands in the way, and support your progression. Let’s après.

Travelling Well by Surfing Today


We nod to the ancient wisdom of nomadic people who knew how to travell well. While leaning progressive we use this archaic spelling of ‘travell’ to tip our hats with respect to those who came before us. They did not question “WTF?” when up against the challenges of a constantly shifting lifestyle. Adaptability and flexibility were the name of the game.

We have become sedentary in this modern life to the point of more humans than not living with disease and dis-ease. Challenging ourselves toward upheaval so that we can uplevel might seem straight up silly. However, motivating ourselves to move is one way to find our freedom. Session it to gain the tools and techniques needed to not only motivate, but excel toward an extraordinary lifestyle.

Much like surfing, the environment of a transient being, nomad, or vanlifer is constantly shifting. The waves are all different. Different in size. Different in force. Some roll slow and some close out hard and fast. The temperature or the wind can shift on a dime. The wind kicks up or the sun suddenly shines and your whole experience changes. The temperature of the water can also vary day to day. So any expectations must be left behind. You never really know what the waves will bring unless you get out there. Expect nothing, gain everything.

Translating surfing to life is great encouragement to relax, lower expectations of any kind, simultaneously challenge ourselves and then notice how we react. How do we adapt to self-inflicted change? How do we adapt to change beyond our control? Are we flexible? Are we rigid? Are we open? Do we shut down? Do we roll with it or do we become uptight?

Once we notice, we can begin to look for tools and techniques to manage our reactions and potentially place ourselves in the right place at the right time to efficiently and effectively ride those waves and in life, find that middle line.

Above all, to travell well, we must stay in today, surfing one day at a time. Train your mind, find your freedom. Let's après.

Also published on Medium.

Summer Lovin' & Conscious Relationships


What does "conscious relationship" mean to you?

Relationships are on the holistic health list because they are one realm of many that equate to an integrated, whole, healthy life. Friendship. Family. Acquaintances. Business. Intimate. What might we be pretending not to know about our relationships? What does it mean to be in a “conscious relationship”? How can we foster some summer lovin’ this month and every month?

This is a considerable conversation, but at the most basic level, when confrontation occurs, or you are triggered by another in any way, it is always an opportunity to step back, take a deep breath, and take a few minutes to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Of course, this is often easier said than done – especially in that moment when you become fired up before you even realize what is happening. But, with a few extra tools and techniques, you’d be surprised how quickly you can transform and diffuse many of these moments from highly reactive to open, spacious and rewarding.

One of the best ways to put ourselves in another’s shoes is to ask ourselves: Does this person need to be right? Or do they want peace? Do I need to be right about this? Or do I prefer peace? Is this a topic worthy of fuss and fight?

If it seems a friend always wants “his way”, how can we take a look at this within ourselves? If a client insists on billing top dollar within her own business, but is unwilling to pay top dollar for another’s work, is it wise to continue this relationship? If one’s expectations of what will be received in a relationship are different from what will be given, how can we put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and decide from their perspective if this is fair, just, or if it even makes sense? A few basic examples within first glance of becoming more conscious within our relationships.

Relationships are one of the most complex elements of life. It is important to be in them. It is equally important to spend time away from them. It is important to be vulnerable and be open to them. It is important to realize when we shy away from them or are unable to take space from them. It may sound like stating the obvious, but it is important to put ourselves in one another’s shoes. It is safe to assume that the other party wants a peaceful existence, too, even if they do not realize it themselves. Only the beginning... keeping these thoughts in place is the gateway to more conscious ways of relating... toward more summer lovin’. #SessionIt