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Our holistic approach to optimal health and performance empowers you to discover your true potential.


Everything we do is about finding your freedom.


Why “Après”? Because “after” coaching, you will find your line.   


Inspired by riding mountains and surfing oceans, Après Coaching Sessions are a nod to the discipline and diligence necessary to master these epic environments, the freedom found in doing so, and the reward of post-excursion celebrations known as après-ski. Après Sessions, on and off the mountain, are holistic meaning an integrated whole experience.


Holistic health coaching considers the whole human system to spearhead what we find in the state of “flow” resulting in optimal performance and wellness in all realms of life.


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Neurochemicals that Make You Go HELL YEAH - Part Deux


Like everything, it’s about balance. The “Hell Yeah Neurochemicals” can turn a regular dude into a total ski bum who wakes up at 65 and goes oh shit I forgot to do – everything else I wanted to do in life. So those highs we get from skiing, surfing, practicing yoga, and meditating are superb practices for finding zen, the zone, runner’s high, and ultimately what is now commonly known as “flow”, in everything we do. But balance, leading to optimal and then extraordinary performance, is truly the way.

While we prefer to foster these states so that we can work smart and play hard versus analyze everything to death, many folks (Type A’s - cheers to you) want to know details. Curiosity is certainly a key ingredient in a lot of what makes a holistic lifestyle sing, so here goes…

If you are here, you’ve either dropped in as a client or as a person surfing the world wide web like so many of us chasing down answers for years. Chances are you have dropped your drama, you are in the shit of it, you are seeing changes and you’re hungry for more. Curiosity is the driver. Essentially you’ve hit 70-80% in the way of personal and professional development and you are ready to rock, but you’re still hanging on to this or that, perhaps battling drama in some realm of life, or feel you simply have not yet hit your full stride.

Well – Congratulations!

You are now welcome to just drop all of that. Every single bit of it. Whatever got you to this point, hey – we’re sorry, we’re proud, we’re excited, and we’re right there with you – we have these insane stories and challenges that perhaps another has not, that perhaps not one living soul knows about, that blah blah blah – yep it’s kinda like that – seemingly incessant. But at 70-80% of working through all of it, usually with a good amount of life experience under our belts as well, we are alive and loving it and dropping the rest of it sure is a load off… and it may still take some time, but hey it’s the last load. Essentially, we are here, we showed up, over and over, now we share. Corny as hell, but true. We’ve checked ourselves, over and over, gotten over ourselves (well, hopefully mostly), we have done oh so much individual work and now have an arsenal of tools and techniques ready when the next challenges arrive, as we know they will, and that’s all that matters.

In these modern times, and especially in the United States today with so much insane eruption, and therefore hope for more change and social justice, we do have to get really real with ourselves, do our diligence, get gritty and go deep in order to transform and progress. No one is safe! Avoid much? Yep well whatever it is that gets your goat will be right back. Interested in the trendy “abundance” in all realms of life that everyone is chatting about? Yeah, well that takes stepping up and dropping the rest of whatever brought you to exactly where you are right now. That last little bit. Thank it. And move it along. It might be back. Just note it when it returns, work toward greater understanding of it in order to continually learn, integrate, transmute, and yep, thank it again.

Folks who have been handed easier paths often don’t even begin to understand, but huge kudos to those who are actually willing to be real about it, offer it up and equally give thanks to good ol’ luck. (Both Obama and Letterman do so on Letterman’s Netflix show – great example.) It is rare to hear this from fortunate business people, funded artists, or pro athletes. No doubt they still put in hella effort to make progression happen. But so have you. You have organically done the work. You are truly self-made. You have had the ability and determination to dig deep over and over in order to progress. You are resourceful as hell. You are a survivor. So, yep, you deserve just as much credit as that guy. We are not afraid to call BS on the ridiculousness of where even the wellness industry has gone, such as social media bots, straight up lack of authenticity, and we prefer to focus on supporting those who clearly walk their talk on the daily with true spirit shining through the plethora of shallow content, ridiculous red tape, and non-stop selfies. Having intel from those in the know, we don’t have much time as a country or world to remedy the direction we are going. Yet we again have an opportunity to shift the landscape, and we need you now.

The takeaway is that just because people are capable of finding fleeting glimpses of “oneness” in the physical realm or “success” in business, or omg the wedding ring, the baby, the Cinderella complex seemingly coming into fruition, doesn’t mean much has been figured in reference to holistic health and overall wellbeing. It does not mean it automatically translates over to mental and/or emotional realms and quite often proves with time to be quite the opposite. The artist, the athlete, the suit often have not accessed the more subtle layers of being that offer the opportunity to truly cultivate self-awareness, awareness of others, and how the two are intricately and inextricably connected. Want to learn more? Let’s Apres.

Neurochemicals that make you go Hell Yeah can be the impetus to oh so much. Backed by science, that mix, held within superb yet easy-to-meet structure, can lead to even further progression. Progression leads to fulfillment which leads to peak-to-peak performance and essentially a super fun life. How awesome to put a little extra effort into all realms and find that happy high for not only yourself, but for those around you? The ripple effect is real. So let’s keep it real. #SessionIt

BAP : Beauty, Art + Partnerships // July 10-15, 2018


Who's in Montana this July? Excited and honored to be included in BAP : Beauty, Art + Partnerships. July 10-15, 2018. SESSION IT

BAP is the brainchild of Melissa Picoli Philips, former professional kayaker, 20+ year beauty industry maven and proven successful entrepreneur. Her latest launch is Skin and Sky, Intelligent Beauty Formulas. Who says you can't go big AND be into beauty?

Holistic health includes all realms of life. We like to say...
Look good, feel good. Feel good, look good.

Session this incredible event connecting beauty pros, artists, and entrepreneurs in Flathead Valley, Montana July 10-15th. "Powered by Instigators" JOIN US



While many within business and career are left-brain dominant, it is so refreshing to continually meet those also leaning into working from another realm. Those who collaborate, share, listen, learn, support and allow for that leftover percentage of space available after “I”, “You”, and “We”. The space where we not only co-author our experiences, but co-allow for a little more expansion.

Much like the saying about the gods laughing while you make plans…

We believe in planning, visualization and taking action. But while you dive deep into spreadsheets, networking events, claiming barely-there friendships, going super hard after potential clients until they formulate or oops disappear, doing what you know to be THE way because of what you were taught in school… are you actually shutting out another entire realm of possibility? By living and working solely from a place society deems civilized, we more often than not lose creativity and gain fear.

Get quiet and pretend you know nothing about anything. Listen. Listen deeply. To others. To yourself. What do you hear? Trust that.

A pack of wolves doesn’t have a plan per se. They run, they protect, they are intensely relational by nature and highly involved with their mates, their young, and their pack. Keen, sensing, playful, devoted. Loyal, hard-working, reliable, yet know when to rest. Diligent yet simultaneously BE-ing. Wolves adapt to constantly changing circumstances. They are deeply intuitive. As humans we have lost a sense of trust, trusting ourselves, and therefore one another. We have lost much in the way of elemental experience allowing for further cultivation of intuition. There is a re-wilding within all of us that desperately needs to take place in order to evolve and progress. While this is not a women-specific post, the book Women Who Run With Wolves comes to mind as we continue to collaborate with like-minded folks who understand that this is about oh so much more than anyone’s bottom line. You know who you are. Thank You. Thank you. Thank you.

Questions about running with wolves and running your team, family, and yourself toward peak-to-peak performance? #SessionIt

When seeking guidance, don't ever listen to the tiny-hearted. Be kind to them, heap them with blessing, cajole them, but do not follow their advice. -Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves