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Inspired by riding mountains and surfing oceans, Après Coaching Sessions are a nod to the discipline and diligence necessary to master these epic environments, the freedom found in doing so, and the reward of post-excursion celebrations known as après-ski. Après Sessions, on and off the mountain, are holistic meaning an integrated whole experience.


Holistic health coaching considers the whole human system to spearhead what we find in the state of “flow” resulting in optimal performance and wellness in all realms of life.


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Essential Oils

Scrub with Scent + Nourish the Mind, Body & Soul

Last year, I gifted Pangea Organics Eucaplytus Essential Oil to a family member with the back story “I don’t work with them, but know the company’s roots plus decades of integrity regarding quality”.

Recently Pangea launched their new affiliate program, so how could I not continue to offer these nose-worthy specialties to friends, family and clients? Especially when I had been awaiting a company to align with whose products have been proven to be truly 100% organic?

Pangea Organics is based in Boulder, CO with Owner/Founder Joshua Onysko’s humble beginnings making organic soap in a friend’s garage right here in Jackson Hole. Now globally recognized for excellence in performance and truth in formulation, Pangea was founded on the principle belief that together, we can create a new, more sustainable future. The award-winning body and skin care line is as honest as it is organic, free of petrochemicals, parabens, GMOs or other synthetic or harmful ingredients. 

Refresh, reset, support your mind, bolster your body, and soothe your soul with essential oils.

Did you know essential oils can help you:

 1.      Reduce inflammation
 2.      Improve allergies and respiration
 3.      Balance hormones
 4.      Clear up acne
 5.      Get rid of age spots & scarring
 6.      Support weight loss
 7.      Detoxify your body
 8.      Cleanse your home
 9.      Replace many drugs
10.      Improve focus and awareness

Essential oils cover a lot of ground. Our earth provides so much for us, right at our fingertips. Nature knows. With spring on the way, we can use these special gifts of the earth to detox our homes, lift our spirits, soothe our souls, and create welcoming spaces for who and what we would like to arrive.

But first winter…

I spend winters in the dry mountain climate of Jackson Hole. I have found through trials and tribulations that keeping a humidifier and diffuser in my bedroom works wonders for respiration and dry skin. I mix up my essential oils seasonally, but tried and true to eucalyptus and peppermint for cold dry months in relation to respiration, allergies and tendency to snore in mountain climates specifically. Yes - a huge plus for you - and your mate :)

With colds and current severe flu viruses on the rise, I add healthy doses of tea tree oil to the mix. If you are going to purchase only one essential oil, this is it. Tea tree, also known as melaluca, is well known for it’s powerful antiseptic properties and its ability to treat wounds. Derived mainly from the Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifolia, it’s been documented in numerous medical studies to kill many strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Add it to your diffuser or humidifier to detoxify the air you breathe and as a preventative measure against any other suspect bugs floating around your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the indoor air we breathe is up to 5x worse in quality than our outdoor air, so if you are open to a new way to stay well, tea tree oil is key. Tea tree oil can also be used to clear acne which was my first personal use. It is also an amazing household cleanser for countertops and high volume zones such as your office desk areas.

Lavender oil is the favorite for an excellent night’s sleep – sleep sits in the Top 5 essentials toward holistic health. Lavender calms the nerves and aids the rest and relaxation response allowing your mind and body to reset. Lavender oil was my second gateway into essential oil heaven. I keep it near the bath for hot Epson salt soaks as well as on my bedside table.

Over time I have used essential oils for healing, prevention, finding balance, focus, clarity, nourishment, cleansing and clearing spaces, and simply making my home and office more inviting to guests.

The time is now to prepare for spring…

Springtime also calls for the love of lemon oil. It’s bright and clean fresh scent restores energy and promotes feelings of robust health. It bolsters the immune system, can be utilized internally as a detoxifier, even aids with inflamed vocal cords, and is a superb household cleanser when mixed with tea tree oil.

Coming off of February’s love, I employ warming oils such as orange, frankincense and sandalwood to keep the vibe alive. Sweet Orange oil is simultaneously comforting and zesty. It is a strong ally for improving mood, detoxification, digestion and overall emotional identity. Frankincense’s richness is royal. Deep, complex with subtle notes of pine, it brings an abundance of healing and beautifying properties – a must have in your oil kit. Sandalwood’s rich, sweet, woody scent is ideal for not only focus and calming the nerves, but for it’s legendary aphrodisiacal healing properties. Add to your bath for heart-opening sensual qualities and to meditation practices for support. While this all sounds quite feminine, sandalwood, to me, has a masculine vibe that both women and men seem to enjoy. Staying open and nourishing the soul no matter your status allows space to call in the good we all want when spring finally blooms.
From a friend’s garage here in Jackson Hole in the 1990’s to infamous warehouse soap parties in Boulder, I've used Pangea products and watched their unwavering commitment to quality span a couple decades making me a customer for life. More essential highlights to come. In the meantime, check them out! Take a chance. Try something new. You just might love it.

Powerful Plants and Science Create Pangea's Ecologically Sound Products and Packaging.

Try Pangea Organics Risk Free Today!

Please be in touch regarding holistic health sessions. Much more coming soon.

Environmental Essentials: Houseplants, Sage, Essential Oils

Cleanse & Purify Your Spaces



Chances are your indoor air quality is worse than the outdoor air you breathe – especially after a few cold winter months. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it is often up to 5x worse. Most environmentally efficient and effective way to “scrub” your air?


My personal favorites are low maintenance succulents.

Scientists have long been intrigued by plants’ ability to remove pollution from indoor air and every year we see more proof that plants are truly best suited to protect us from harmful toxic compounds.

Some houseplants are better at absorbing specific compounds than others. In August 2016, researchers presented findings at the 252nd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, showing that specific, common houseplants each had a knack for stripping particular volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, from the air.  According to Dr. Vadoud Niri, a chemist from the State University of New York of Oswego, and his team of researchers, the best houseplants to protect you are as follows:

1. Bromeliad

2. Dracaena

3. Spider Plant

4. Jade

Homes and offices of all ages contain VOCs from a variety of sources such as off-gassing furniture, paint, carpeting and other flooring, building materials, copiers, adhesives, upholstery, printers, pesticides, cleaners, air fresheners and candles, co-workers’ perfume and other personal care products. And remember, you don’t have to smell VOCs for them to be contributing to the damage of human health.



Burning sage, also known as smudging, neutralizes any unfavorable scents, detoxifies the air of impurities and provides the sense of a fresh start. White sage is well known for it’s cleansing and protective properties. Our Native forefathers employ this natural medicinal avenue toward spiritual worship as well as cleansing and healing by way of traditional ceremony.

Modern day studies have concluded: “We have demonstrated that using medicinal smoke it is possible to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space.”

Whether you are clearing and cleansing on a physical or more ethereal level, burning sage is proving to be a sure bet.



The most popular essential oil for cleansing and purifying is hands-down tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is anti-septic: anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. Can’t go wrong. If you were to only invest in one essential oil, tea tree oil is it. Its purifying and cleansing properties are strong and effective anti-microbials, yet ok to use directly on skin. It is efficacious in treating a variety of skin, nail, and scalp conditions as well as mold issues in homes, shoes or sports clothing. It bolsters immune and respiratory systems and assists with congested breathing that arrives with colds and flu.

Lemon oil is equally cleansing, brightening, and certainly has a spring in its scent. 

Peppermint oil is like a summertime plunge into a glacial lake. Crisp, clearing and stimulating as anything. I even keep a vial on my desk for a quick pick-me-up.

Add all of these to your humidifiers and diffusers to not only improve your air quality, but to add support within all realms - mind, body, and overall wellbeing.

Questions about additional ways to employ these and many other essential oils? Be in touch.

Stay tuned for the next essential oil focus as we drop into further prevention and wellbeing options including our recommended brand based on its long-time commitment to quality.

We look forward to hearing how employing these environmental essential practices into your life clears, cleanses and allows for nourishment on all levels, creating space for all the good that spring will bring.