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Our holistic approach to optimal health and performance empowers you to discover your true potential.


Everything we do is about finding your freedom.


Why “Après”? Because “after” coaching, you will find your line.   


Inspired by riding mountains and surfing oceans, Après Coaching Sessions are a nod to the discipline and diligence necessary to master these epic environments, the freedom found in doing so, and the reward of post-excursion celebrations known as après-ski. Après Sessions, on and off the mountain, are holistic meaning an integrated whole experience.


Holistic health coaching considers the whole human system to spearhead what we find in the state of “flow” resulting in optimal performance and wellness in all realms of life.


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The Herbal Face Food

Super Anti-oxidant Skin Serum and Lotions

Organic • Raw • Plants • Edible

Reduce sunspots, acne, eczema, blackheads, pore size, fine lines and wrinkles

Inquires about my skincare have led me to this post. I’m no beauty maven. I have spent a LOT of time outdoors in my life. I was raised in the 70's and 80's when sun damage was not much of a concern and sunscreen was only used to prevent sunburn those first few days at the neighborhood pool.

I spent my 20's outside in the mountains in Jackson Hole at elevation all day every day. Literally.

I LOVE sunshine. It is our number one source of Vitamin D and so good for the soul. I have also spent as many hours as possible in the intensely salty ocean waters surfing. My days of daily surfing were primarily along the Los Angeles coastline, where the oceans are unfortunately far from being free of toxins. I am also fair, and while I do not burn easily, my skin tone is more subject to damage than others.

Essentially, my skin has taken a beating. It is far from flawless. But at least I have lived! I have certainly used skincare and cosmetics with known toxins and without. Mostly without for the last couple decades. I do not use Botox or related, have never had any peels or related, nor acupuncture or whatever else exists out there to release wrinkles. And honestly, have only experienced two professional facials in my entire life. Currently, I only use a few very simple 100% ‘of the earth’ products that also happen to be very affordable. Happy to share.

My #1's toward skin health are: Nutrition, Hydration, Exercise, Sleep, several modalities toward Stress Reduction, and Self-Care. Ask me about these basics toward skin health and overall wellness.

In 2013, as I first began my switch from living and breathing wellness to teaching, coaching and consulting within wellness, I spent some time with the owner of The Herbal Face Food learning about his product and working for him: hands-on producing the product all the way to shipping it out the door. I know his personal story and what motivated him to create The Herbal Face Food. I can also share every single ingredient as well as where they are sourced.

I first tried the introductory regular strength Herbal Face Food serum and after using one 1 oz bottle...

I watched the sun damage on the bridge of my nose where my sunglasses sit DISAPPEAR.

I thought I would never get rid of that tan line! Friends at my yoga studio in Santa Monica commented that my skin looked different – and great. I only used one more 1 oz bottle and then with an unexpected move across the country due to a broken leg, it kinda just fell off my radar. Years later, summer 2017, I had a couple of sun spots spring up while living back at high elevation and decided to give it another test drive. I wanted to use it consistently for 4-6 months to see what would happen. Result: one of the spots is completely gone and the other is continually fading.

I don’t know about you, but for me, seeing is believing. I would personally never endorse a product I have not first used for a noteworthy length of time. As I mentioned, there are only a few skin care items on my list – ask me - and I am very happy with the quality and simplicity. The results, along with the fact that it is so clean that it is truly edible, speak volumes. Yes, you can actually ingest this product. My only warning is that it can sting especially the first few times you use it. There are three different strengths. I suggest you approach your spice level like ordering spicy food.

The Herbal Face Food line has expanded to include Herbal Face Cleansing Lotion and Herbal Body Food. Contact me with any questions. Take care of yourself, live large, and find your freedom.  -Joni


Is THIS Holistic Health Coaching for You?

I love when I hear about a fellow holistic coach: “Man, she’s really strict.” Good on her. Or him. They are being a coach. Would you expect anything less from a professional football coach? 

Is this coaching for you.jpg

The thing about this work is that you already have the understanding that no matter who you are, there is an area, maybe two, perhaps even three, where you are officially “over it”. You are fed up your own stories. You are sick and tired of continual drama that yep – you are in part responsible for – and ready to own. You are ready to commit to due diligence and climb that hill.

This is something to celebrate in and of itself. And hey High Performers - this level of holistic work is about understanding that no matter how “successful” you are on the outside, change is inevitable and constant, so there are always areas where each and every one of us can not only tune in to, but turn up the volume. 

Tune into THIS to learn whether this style of holistic coaching is for you:


This style of holistic coaching is for you if you…

            …are ready to hone in on every single realm of life and tweak this & that to move from where you are now to where you want to be

            …want to become more potent at what you do

            …are ready to step up not only for yourself, but as an example for those you touch each day

            …are killing it at life except one little area in the back of your head that is driving you nuts

            ...personal and professional development is something you LOVE to geek out on

            …understand that there are no hacks. You just have to do the things. And there are always more things. And they change and ebb and flow with time.

            ….want to eloquently integrate your own personal development into all of your personal and professional relationships

            …want to collaborate towards a global consciousness of collective change

            ….want to locate a network of people to support you, guide you, teach you, coach you and your teams from where you are now to where you want to be

            …want to identify what is no longer serving you - today

            …are open-minded, open-hearted, know there is always more to learn, willing to look at yourself completely, with acceptance, and become, or remain, open to receive - even when sitting in the "hot seat"

            …want to find your very own unique version of true freedom


This style of holistic coaching work is NOT for you if you…

            …are looking for a quick fix (although sometimes small changes create massive transformations in very little time – awesome to witness)

            …think you already know everything there is to know about yourself, your loved ones, your business, your career, and it’s about changing someone else

            …are set on changing someone else

            …think you have tried everything

            …are not open to trying new things or even same/similar things you have tried in the past

            …prefer to stay stuck in your story

            …are “the boss” in some or all facets of life and unwilling to be coachable

            …do not want to challenge yourself

            …do not want to step out of your comfort zones or take risks

            …do not feel you could use a neutral eye on areas that are disturbing the peace

            …are not craving connection

            …are not interested in relationships based on truth

            …are not interested in being part of a greater collective consciousness

            …do not want to BE the change in this world

            …have no desire to live free



Mia Togo, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Mentor, grew up with a love of equestrian which taught her in roaming the great outdoors that the world is so much bigger than herself. From competing in equestrian to becoming a professional dancer in Los Angeles, she fostered grit and determination allowing herself to live a very free life. However, she also found that all the success in the world could not power through some of her biggest losses, deepest wounds, negative self-talk, and ultimately her shadow side.

Working with a very gifted coach for many years (since passed, Mona Miller) she gathered the tools necessary, along with a personal and professional commitment to her yoga practice, to gain further clarity and stand in her truths.

We all have a shadow side. It doesn’t go away. We all have areas of life that are affected by it. It is also to be cherished as it is what gives contrast to our bright lights. So finding tools to manage what our other practices may not always cut through can be the key to following the light.

Working with Mona Miller, and continuing that same work day-to-day, she found her path to true freedom. Success on the outside often does not equate to success on the inside. All the travel and clothes, accolades and certifications, and athletic, business and artistic accomplishments in the world can only bring so much freedom. Why should you settle?  #SessionIt

Additional insight into Mia Too and her heartfelt work now live on YogaPoetica “Both Sides Now”.




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We’re into diving into the depths of life because that's where the magic happens.  You can refuse to step into your truth, refuse to face your fears, and take a seemingly safe, logical and predictable path, but let’s be honest… it won’t be very much fun.  Why?  Because everywhere you go, both your fears and your unmet dreams are walking right beside you.  The unacknowledged truths of your inner world will wreak havoc on your life by attracting the same unmet desires in other people, other jobs, other places, ultimately sending you into one tailspin after another.  Do you want to lose hours, weeks, years of your life to all that?  Ultimately, the choice and the responsibility is always yours. Come après with us and ride into your most desired direction. See you on the flip side!