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Inspired by riding mountains and surfing oceans, Après Coaching Sessions are a nod to the discipline and diligence necessary to master these epic environments, the freedom found in doing so, and the reward of post-excursion celebrations known as après-ski. Après Sessions, on and off the mountain, are holistic meaning an integrated whole experience.


Holistic health coaching considers the whole human system to spearhead what we find in the state of “flow” resulting in optimal performance and wellness in all realms of life.


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I Am Everyday People

everyday people.jpg

I’m just a regular person who grew up on the outskirts of New Orleans in the 70's. Despite many successes, I also experienced a constant barrage of events that were not allowing me to get a leg up. Think of those lists - The Top Most Stressful Life Events. Imagine several of them happening all at once and several times in a row spanning 15 or so years. Many people have experienced what I have and while everything is relative, everything is not relative. We are everyday people.

Signature Story to sell you on my business? Nah. 

The marketing gurus of the world want you to pick one though. Something gripping that others can relate to and latch on to. Something inspiring and motivational so that you can see that you, too, can attain something seemingly so far out of reach. It makes sense. It often works. But I didn’t have a near-death experience. I don’t have just one story. I have many - just like you.

Experiencing several of the Top Stressful Events (via the American Institute of Stress) is, I suppose, quite a story in and of itself. It leans opposite of luck and a hair shy of insanity.

Despite many successes, a lengthy time frame consisting of a constant barrage of events that weren’t allowing me to get leg up, made me feel unsuccessful, unsupported and in a downward spiral of WTF. A tangled web of small and large traumas, unexplainable happenings, and several from the classic stress lists that we all encounter at some point. While the list varies from source to source the most published are:

Death of a loved one
Major illness
Job loss
Break up of family
Jail Sentence
Period of homelessness

These happenings and the copious amounts of stress they cause can eventually express themselves in our bodies and minds in various ways including chronic pain, depression, IBS, cancer, weight gain, skin issues, and many more. After all, much dis-ease today is now proving to be born ultimately out of stress and related factors.

Over and over I would get a leg up, and then out of nowhere get hit from behind - both literally and figuratively. I had a solid upbringing. With it also came patriarchy plus other interesting components of a New Orleanian Catholic rearing in the Deep South, all residing deep in my cells. Combined with the endless chain of events brought stress I was unknowingly suppressing that took me to an unbalanced place. While I was a life-long athlete and visually healthy, mentally stable and emotionally competent, strange and mysterious things were happening within my body gradually alerting me of imbalance.

Sure, we are all responsible for our realities and absolutely must own what is ours, but not everyone is handed the same degree of challenge. Everything is relative. And everything is not relative.

I was conscious of what I wanted. I was clear in relationships of all kinds. I was committed and hard working to a fault. I was pretty impeccable with my word. I was raised to respect others first and foremost. I built successful businesses. I bought a home. I moved all over the country. I was pretty much 100% self-made since pretty young compared to peers throughout my life. I knew my value, I knew my worth, I knew many of my truths. And was pretty aware of my weak areas. But was unknowingly living in a state of exhaustion and could not get ahead.

As time went on I became equally exhausted of people telling me to “just be positive”. 

Boy have we in wellness spent eons being sick of the naive and quite frankly shallow inspirational quotes within our industry. While we know a lot of times optimism can secede toughness, we also now know, according to Sarah David, PhD, that regarding people in pain, poverty, or disempowerment at any level, being in denial and telling them to “get a better attitude” is not the way.

Why? Because this is the easy way out. This is being in denial. In this, there is no societal responsibility whatsoever. This translates over to taking care of Mother Earth, too. Some people have more luck. Some people don’t. Being in denial is convenient. This awesome article in Scientific American on luck supports the same line of thought: The Role of Luck in Life Success Is Far Greater Than We Realized.

So while taking a more positive outlook makes total sense, it is beyond challenging to hear this when one has spent years utilizing the classics of shifting physiology, changing thoughts and language, and becoming highly aware of focus and where attention lies, just for starters, while simultaneously continually being dealt a more challenging hand.

Some people also have trauma. I recently learned after diving deep for the last 15+ years to reconcile my mysterious imbalance, including working with some pretty insane healers (who, yes, helped immensely), that I still have deeply rooted trauma within the area of the brain responsible for emotions – where we house emotional trauma. This leads me to believe that batting a pillow and screaming might not always complete the job. Owning this information was what I feel was one of the final pieces of moving through a huge puzzle, and assisted me in not being so hard on myself after countless friends and family, often from very different backgrounds, telling me to “just be positive” and not to be a victim, as well as other condescending and curt comments. Most of those people? Yep, had to cut em loose.

What I do know is that being seen and being heard from day one matters. Seems so obvious, right? At the root of most dis-ease and addiction, lies this lack. Most people who have experienced this lack have imbalance, playing out as deficient (example: the addict) or in excess (example: the narcissist), both of which can also be horrifically intertwined. (Another conversation.)

While, I’m just a regular person without one signature story such as [-[insert big life-changing trauma here-]. I do have long list of happenings that anyone reading this could relate to. I’m glad a couple people stuck around through the entire journey. And I’m grateful my folks had me figure out a lot on my own and that I did it all mostly solo – physically, mentally, emotionally. It has made all of the accomplishments as well as gifts received that much sweeter.

Another much greater conversation that I want to come back to another time is that there is a massive planetary wounding of the feminine. Especially within business. This is not the attitude of a victim. It is also not an area anyone can be in denial of anymore - despite the statistics being on paper for quite a while now. I still cannot believe how many people have tried to convince me otherwise over the years. Yet we find ourselves in another uprising, this time with much more vigor. We know our value. We know our worth. We know our truths. We recognize this imbalance. We will not stand for it any longer. This, too, is part of my story. Is it part of yours?

So people ask, how did you get from where you were to where you are? How do you elevate from where you are now to where you want to be?

At this point, I have honed some tools and techniques and I would be honored to provide guidance and support. It takes a little bit of vulnerability, a lot of courage, some commitment and dedication. If that sounds good to you, I would love to hear from you.

My early days of living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming were so much more about making amazing adventures happen paired with humility, grace, and not even telling your friends what ridiculously fun and insane outing occurred unless they happened to ask what you had done in the mountains that day. Back then, downplay was the way. This was long before social media, of course. Humility, grace, and unsung heroes were revered. Anyone bragging or even just listing their “wins” were disregarded. There is even a tribe from that era whose motto is:  Swift. silent, and deep.

Borrowing from that, this is the way of the peaceful warrior. Nothing to hide and nothing to prove. As everyday people, we drop in, we do the inner and outer work, we surpass the hand dealt, we do “epic shit”, live well, travel well, share what we learn openly without ownership, with authenticity and grace, taking ourselves from where we are now to where we want to be.

Regardless of your success, there will always be more challenges and there is always someplace further to go. There is a lot going on in the world and we need you now. Let's make it happen. Let's Après.

Image Credit: R&B: From Doo Wop to Hip Hop. Includes the hit song "Everyday People" by Sly & The Family Stone

Move. Your. Body.

hotspring hike.jpg

It is imperative that you move in a way that you LOVE to move.

Running, yoga, pilates, dance, swim, hike, soccer, mountain bike, skateboard, ski, walk, standup paddle board, surf, climb, zumba, snowboard, slackline, the possibilities are endless. This is a must and the earlier in the day the better. Movement and deep deep breath shifts our physiology. It gets our neurochemicals going so that our mood improves. Then when we sit down to work or parent or lead global change throughout the rest of the day, we are better set up for success. If you don't love, or at minimum like, how you are moving, then there is a good chance you won't stick with it.

If it doesn't happen earlier in the day or we get short on time and don't get to move at the level we hoped for on the day, we often get annoyed, push it aside, or kinda get lazy like I do and use it as an excuse not to go. On this day, one of the above occurred, so we found a motivator. Drove down to the hot springs at the end of the day, hiked the short stint to the springs and basked in the great outdoors. Active recovery at it's finest.

Some of the highest performers commit to moving several times a day in various ways. Commit to a walk outside every morning. 15 minutes of movement connecting with the breath can set you straight for the day. This alone will drop you into the sense of their being a whole lot more going on in the world compared to our own little mini dramas in our own tiny little minds.

Mind. Body. Soul. 

Move. Your. Body.

Find Your Next Why

Make New Turns Today

When we are stoked and mostly slaying it at life, we have no doubt discovered that notorious “why” – our own unique “why” that makes us tick. If you are reading this, chances are you already know and you’re in your flow. But change is constant, and as lovers of life, we know we must remain adaptable, light on our feet, evolve, and enthusiastically look to what’s next.

What’s next is that next “why” that always pops up around the next corner.

Discovering our initial “why” was the way to uncover our truths, set intentions, make change happen, and meet goals. If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about – no big deal – just ask. Once we get to those initial truths, why we want to do what we want to do, it takes some serious grit.

We have to look at a hell of lot of things we don’t really want to look at in order to move through the darker more challenging spaces. It is the only way to “follow the light” as the fluffier parts of wellness world like to advise. Yay. You’ve got your why. You’ve moved thru some serious shit. You are on your way.  Only to find a brand new crop of soon to be unearthed truths that will want to emerge from the next dark corner. Sounds frustrating. Yep. It is. So it’s ok to scream bloody murder in the street for all to hear. Let it pass. Breathe. Put your big-girl pants back on - and strut.

Yep. This is your next big opportunity to ask yourself, "why". Why is this coming up? Why is this happening? Why is the Universe handing me another doozie? Why do I even want this? What was I thinking? And that’s just the beginning. But YOUR why is the way. As a holistic health practitioner, coach and consultant, I am your neutral sounding board. Let’s session it and get to the root of this next truth so that we aren’t wasting precious time. Your why really really matters. Let’s work smart – today. Then you can spend a lot more of this lovely life getting outside, traveling the world, going to dance class, eating doughnuts. Seriously.

Essentially, just when we think we know why… we inevitably emerge into the next set of unknowns. These little buds will eventually pop up whether we are ready for them or not. If we haven’t looked at all realms, they will pop up again and again. And as one of my teachers likes to say, they will be back – with friends! So with that, it never hurts to continue to seek out our own self-awareness, go deep, gently unlock the truths, and find ways to gracefully stroll through them, streamline them, and bloom into the next phase.


1.  Gain an outside neutral perspective as it is mostly impossible to see outside of ourselves, see past ourselves, and get out of our own way. If this is way too much for the ego to handle, it’s your world and you can stay right where you are… the choice is 100% yours. If you are feeling like “Hell yeah! I am so frickin’ ready.” – find your holistic health coach – someone you can really have fun with, but who will also hold you to owning your shit - and you just might discover an even deeper truth you were not even aware of that has been temporarily holding you back within a certain realm of life.

2.  Discovering that deeper truth allows you to gain perspective – again – pivot, and watch the positives ripple out into all of your experiences. Wow. Yes, it’s true. Solutions often exist in seemingly unrelated areas. No one is safe from blind spots. Everything is connected.

3.  The ripple affect, much like a wave, moves through your entire life affecting not only all realms of your experience, but also the experiences of those around you. If that matters to you at all, becoming aware and shifting your mindset can bring you - and your peeps – all that you desire.

Everything is connected. I will say it over and over. How you do anything is how you do everything - from transitioning from one yoga pose to another to taking care of tenants moving in and out of your rental homes.  So finding neutral support is just another graceful way of creating space in order to reveal blind spots - step one. Your holistic health truly depends on step one. Second, since you are already a rockstar, implementing small changes, little tweaks here and there, is absolute in order to discover the whole-hearted “why’s” over and over again taking ourselves from where we are now, to where we want to be. Today. Tomorrow. Next lifetime ;)

When we are so entangled within our own day-to-days, stories, melodramas, dramas, patterns, neural pathways, samskaras, and those ludicrous conventional timelines, it can be almost impossible to break out of the cycle even if you are a seriously driven high performer.

The most successful, brightest, creative, and yes, especially the happiest people, are continually finding new ways to remain open, move through current experiences, and then the next phase, and the next, because yup, there is always a next phase. 

We all know the old adage that “change is the only thing that is constant”. Even our cells regenerate every seven years. So our physical being alone goes through plenty of constant change for us to manage. Beyond the physical, we are also constantly moving through mental and emotional change and challenge as well. The highest performing, and more notably the most at peace individuals, are willing to look at the big picture, accept it, and take the necessary steps to optimize their health, wellness, performance and wellbeing – over and over.  This is one part of how they arrived at where they are today… often along with a little or even a lot of luck and support along the way. But wherever you are, start where you are. Find your next why.

Holistic health includes nutrition, hydration & physical health, movement & exercise, home and work environments, relationships – all kinds, social life & community, your version of spirituality, creativity, career, finances, continuing education, mental health, emotional health, and overall joy. These are the basics. Within each we must find ways to level up, challenge, and stretch ourselves in order to progress. Without progression we are stagnant. Last I checked, and especially if you are reading this, you definitely are not into that.

No one is perfect. No one knows exactly what is going on. No one has it all figured out all of the time. Find your sounding board. Find your next why. Session it. You're amazing.

Embodied Cognition

Botox ~ Empathy ~ Mind+Body

Believe in Embodied Cognition. Here’s Why:

Western thinkers have long thought the mind to be the driver, flying the plane while our body is just the passenger along for the ride on a one-way flight. However, studies on Botox are proving otherwise. These studies have shown that people, in this case celebrities, who received Botox on frown lines were uplifted, sometimes instantaneously, out of depression. Good for them. The unfortunate flip side, however, is that when unable to lift an eyebrow or crinkle a forehead, their ability to empathize with other people, to feel their sorrow or pain, was erased – they simply could not. We now know human connection is just as important within holistic health as anything else. All the kale in the world does not resolve inner conflict including lack of love and connection often leading to severe depression, alcoholism, and other addictions. But without the ability to empathize, how can people truly connect?

Somehow, freezing the face was creating changes in the mind. It turns out that our facial expressions are meshed into our emotions and we cannot actually have one without the other. So what occurs between our ears also happens to occur within the body - an integrated, whole-system experience. Our gut, now known as our second brain, has 500 million nerve cells, 100 million neurons, 30 different neurotransmitters and 90 percent of the body’s supply of serotonin which is responsible for mood and well-being. Ever heard of “gut instinct”? Our heart has about 40,000 neurons that work in shaping emotion, perception, and decision-making. Therefore, the body is truly co-pilot.

The old sages of India somehow knew this 5,000 years ago using the body to prompt higher states of awareness. Today, we even know from schools of acting that the posture we assume supports the emotion we want to feel in a certain situation. If you have watched Amy Cuddy’s famous TED Talk on body language, certain stances taken for only a few minutes can induce enough of a change in our psychology and physiology to quickly decrease stress and essentially increase confidence. So imagine what moving through the Sun Salutations of a typical yoga asana class could do for you?

The science is now backing why we feel such a significant shift after moving through a practice linking the deep yogic breath with movement. Eastern practices of various kinds have tapped into “energy” and therefore transcendence in a way that has seemed all to “woo woo” to the West for a very long time. However, science is finally catching up to the old sages of India. And while the West inherited the notion of the mind being separate from the body, it turns out - everything is connected. 

We are currently the most disembodied generation to date with our stressful tech-heavy modern day lifestyles. But we don’t have to, and perhaps should not, first use the mind to process this craziness. We can shift it by reconnecting our minds and bodies. How? Through movements and practices of many kinds, but especially through highly embodied practices such as yoga that emphasize both strength and flexibility, balance, integration of masculine and feminine, and the most state-altering component being the simultaneous connection of the deep yogic breath with movement, truly shifting our physiology for the better. With so many options, such as yoga, tai chi, qi gong and even smaller segments of the bigger picture such as myofascial release, we can tap in, turn on, and tune UP by way of our very own personal biocomputers which include our bodies and minds.

Join me this winter at Akasha Yoga in Jackson Hole, WY, Wednesdays 8am, for Vinyasa Flow rooted in Ashtanga and Iyengar practices with perpetual focus on the breath to cultivate embodied cognition. Shift your state, find your freedom.

Image: YogaToday.com